Why Should You Consider Animation In Your Corporate Videography In Singapore

When you hear the word animation, perhaps, the things that come to your mind are Disney and DreamWorks. The animation is for kids and children at heart. It can’t be applied to formal video productions, especially branding and marketing. Can you imagine a talking mouse or a green ogre introducing your brand? But did you know that many companies today hire an animation company in Singapore to create their branding and marketing videos?

Here are the benefits of using animation in your corporate video production in Singapore:

1. It is engaging and entertaining.

Bright colours and interesting characters capture the viewer’s attention compared to ordinary people. Animation offers something new and out of the ordinary, making the video captivating.

Many film companies in Singapore bring business mascots to life through animation. Perhaps, everyone knows Disney’s Mickey Mouse, right?

2. Cost-effective illustrations.

If your corporate video talks about the effect of climate change, your company has to compile actual videos of disasters; either you buy the footage from the respective owners or use drone videography in Singapore to capture original footage.

You can illustrate a flood, earthquake, or snowstorm and make them move through animation.

3. Explains complex concepts.

We know that line graphs and pie charts help us read and understand data through visualisation. Animation has the same effects. It explains data through colours, movements, and even characters.

Many informational materials, especially for health, use animation in their videos.

4. Flexible

Animation is more flexible than shooting an actual scene, hiring actors and professional corporate videography service in Singapore. Imagine the work, hassle, and cost you have to spend when you need to change concepts due to some issues.

With animation, three to five animators from film companies in Singapore can make quick changes and touch up anytime.

Animation allows your corporate video production in Singapore to incorporate more creative and out of the box concepts for your company videos.

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