DIY vs professional wedding photo booths –  Which is Better?

Wedding photo booths are all the rage at weddings nowadays. Not only do they provide fun entertainment for your guests to capture candid snapshots with friends and family, but they also generate a wonderful photo keepsake album for you and your spouse to treasure forever.

What is a wedding photo booth?

A wedding photo booth is a designated photo area at a wedding reception equipped with a camera, backdrop, props, and sometimes a photo printer. As your guests pose and act silly with the array of fun props, the camera will rapidly snap a series of photos. 

Downsides of DIY photo booths

  • Lack of professional photography equipment – Most DIY booths rely on an instant camera on auto mode with limited image quality capabilities rather than a high-end DLSR camera skillfully operated by a professional photographer. This results in lower quality, poorly-framed, blurry images that you are disappointed in after your event.
  • No custom branded photos – Professionally rented photo booths provide custom photo templates with your name, wedding date, and special branding so your guest photos will have a cohesive customized look that perfectly fits your wedding theme when printed or assembled in an album. With a DIY booth, all your photos will have random borders that don’t tie together at all.
  • No professional photo booth attendant – You and your busy wedding party will have to take time to operate your DIY photo booth rather than enjoy your reception. You’ll have to deal with replacing printer paper and ink, fixing any malfunctioning props or backdrops, changing out instant film cartridges, uploading digital images to a computer, and shuffling guests in and out of photos. This makes for a very hectic and stressful night.

Professional wedding photo booth rentals

  • High-quality prints: Professional photo booth companies use top-of-the-line DLSR cameras and lighting rigs designed specifically for perfectly exposed photos fitted to the booth’s template sizes. This prevents crooked, blurry, overexposed, or underexposed prints that no one would want to place in a wedding album. 
  • No work for you: You get to enjoy your wedding day while the photo booth attendant manages everything for you from start to finish! They set up and test the equipment, assist guests with props and posing, print high-quality photo strips on-site, tear down the booth at the end of the party, and provide you with print copies and digital files. 
  • Custom templates and branding – Most professional photo booths allow you to fully customize photo templates with your name, wedding logo, special text, or other details so all images have a cohesive personalized look that matches your wedding colors and theme.
  • Fun props and backdrops – Professional booths come equipped with a colorful array of silly hats, masks, signs, and accessories to inspire guests to ham it up for hilarious photos you’ll cherish forever. You also get to select customized backdrops like sparkling lights, floral vines, chalkboard designs, or even green screen photos. This level of theming brings your photo booth to life! Click here to learn more.

Your friends and family will be completely delighted by a professional photo booth at your wedding! The combination of customizable templates, fun props, and a dedicated booth attendant removes any hassle so guests of all ages easily snap high-quality photos and memories in a short amount of time.